Time, Preservation, and Innovation is the mark we leave

We bring efficiency in environmental water monitoring with technological innovation to various segments in the environmental market:
Inspection and Education

Our solution

Through the MARAI app, which is a socio-environmental technology that measures water quality with IoT connectivity, delivering results on your mobile screen. We offer subscription plans, one being FREE for communities, with a focus on preserving natural resources, and the other being CORPORATE for industries, laboratories, mining, and regulatory agencies.

#Let's embark on this environmental transformation together! 

Technological Innovation

lEnvironmental Preservation

Environmental Education

Environmental Monitoring

Technical Reports in 48 Hours



About us

Chemical is a Cleantech startup from the Amazonas region that emerged to revolutionize environmental monitoring, ensuring technical expertise and sustainability for its clients.

All the services we offer are primarily aimed at ensuring quality and compliance with environmental regulations, seamlessly integrated with innovation and technology.